What's new in versions of GuestMaster

What's new in Version 20.6

Much enhanced Database Message screen

When you click the small flashing envelope on the status bar or press F10 on your keyboard, the Database Message screen appears. This screen is no longer a modal screen, so you can reduce the size of the main GuestMaster screen, and still see the Database Message screen. Thus you can visit screens in GuestMaster and still see the Databases Messages on screen without having to close and re open the Database Message screen.

Database Message screen Internet Booking quick confirm

When you receive a new Internet booking, your will see a Yellow tick button alongside the message text in the Database Message screen. If you click the Yellow tick button, guestMaster will take you directly to the Booking Details screen for that booking. You can then click the OK on the Booking Details screen, and that booking will be marked as confirmed, and will Email the customer with confirmation details if you have selected that feature in Setup - Lookup Tables - Auto Email.

Disable Invoice on Check Out

This is a new feature in the Company Control, option tab screen that can stop any changes to invoices once after they have been checked out. Users who have Manager access level can still make changes, but Supervisor and below cannot change the invoices.

Summary Screen availability or Occupancy tab column order

On the Summary Screen, availability or occupancy tabs, the order of the columns for room types Double Twin Suite etc, now take their order from the Resource Type order screen like other areas of GuestMaster do already.

Reports now also available without Voids

The following reports without Voids are now available, Finance - Invoice Items Cost Centre without Voids, Finance - Payment Deposits by Arrival without Voids, Finance - Payment Deposits Outstanding without Voids, Finance - Payment Receipts without Voids

What's new in Version 20.5

Email all Favourite Reports

In the Reports Selector, you can now also have a Favourite reports list to be Emailed to someone, e.g. a Head Office manager. This can also be done automatically every day as part of the Office - Daily Update routine feature.

Report Email

This Email address is used when you send all your Favourite reports to Email, see the Company Details screen.

Report Selector reports order

In the Reports Selector, you can now change the order of the reports listing by clicking on the column header, e.g "Name", and the report will be listed in that order. If you click on the column header you can toggle the order between ascending and descending.

Report Selector reports search

In the Reports Selector, you can now search through the reports list by using the Search box at the top of the screen, and see just those reports that match your search criteria.

Support Expired Email

You can now enter a second Email address in the Company Details screen. When the Technical Support nears expiry, another copy of the Support expiry notice is then sent to that Email address as well, e.g. your Head Office accounts department..

Customer Record quick create

When you are searching for a customers record, to link to a booking, you can now click the New button at the top right of the Customer Search screen. This button will take you to the Customer Record screen where you can type in their address details etc. You can then return to the Customer Search screen and link that customer record to the booking.

What's new in Version 20.4

New Enhanced Display

GuestMaster now has a new beautiful background to match the new subtle colour changes

Cloud based databases speed improvements

Various internal enhancements have been made the to the Cloud based databases technology.

What's new in Version 20.3

Enhanced Database Archive

GuestMaster Database Archive feature is now much faster and can reduce the size of the database even more.

What's new in Version 20.2

Faster printing processing time

All the layout printing processing times have been reduced, so the print jobs are sent to your Printer quicker.

Invoice Quick Print

If you right mouse click on a timeblock in the Reservation Diary, a new short cut menu item called "Invoice - Print" allows you to quickly print all the invoices on that booking.

What's new in Version 20.1

Unvoid button

On the invoice screen, on the Expanded View tab if you click on a Void item, the Unvoid button will appear at the top of the screen to allow you to unvoid the item.

Refund button

On the Invoice Item or Invoice Payment screens, by clicking on this button will add the current invoice item details displayed to the invoice, but it will give the price a negative value. This allows you to refund an item and still have it showing on the invoice. This button is similar to the Void button on the Invoice screen, but that Void button hides the item so it does not show on the Invoice. You can see all invoice items if you click on the Expanded View tab when you are in the Invoice screen.

What's new in Version 20.0

Email Queue

All outgoing Emails now use the GuestMaster Email Queue. This allows users to send out emails as fast and as frequently as they wish, and the Emails will sit in the queue until the GuestMaster Email Queue can automatically send them to the Outgoing Email Server. Press F11 from any screen to see the Email Queue.

Database Messages

Database Messages are now colour coded to indicate their urgency. Information only messages are low priority and are now auto deleted after 24 hours if they are not read, so as to not fill up the Database Message screen with old messages.

Calendar File

Emails with Booking information, for example from the Internet Module confirmation Email, or from the Booking Details screen Send email, can have a Calendar File attached. A Calendar file is a tiny file that is attached to the Email and if the Customer double clicks this file, it will add an appointment reminder to their Microsoft Outlook program. This is very useful as it will contain details of the booking number and Date of the reservation at the hotel.

INET Rate button

In the Rate Names screen, you can now choose if a Rate is send to your own website (referred to as INET). This is just like the GDS button which tells GuestMaster to send a rate to the GDS network (booking.com etc)

Non Refundable button

In the Rate Names screen, you can now choose if a Rate is to allow refunds (cancellation). This works only with the your own website (INET), the GDS (booking.com, etc.) does that this via their website.

Standard Email - Copy of Invoice

A new Standard Email called Copy of Invoice is now available to very quickly send a copy of an invoice via a personalised standard email to a customer.

Email Merge Sample Letter

A new sample letter has been created as an example on how to use the Email Merge features so you can send the same a personalised email to a selection of customers. Useful for example for Sales Promotions.

Customer Code

If you setup a Customer code on the Rate Names screen, you can give a customer the code and they will see that Rate Names prices which could be provided just form them. The Customer Code will now appear on the Booking Details screen.

Marketing Menu

In the Office screen, is the the Marketing Menu, this screen brings together the Email Merge, the Labels Printing and the File Export. features. Click on the Help button in each of these screens for more details on how to use them.

Day Name reminder

On the Main Diary, below the Calendar is a field called Day Name. You can use this field to mark special days, e.g. Dance Night. When you are on the Reservation Diary and start to make a booking that includes that day, you will see a blue Information panel at the top of the screen. This Information panel serves as a reminder, for example, to tell guests that there is a dance in the hotel on that night, and the nearby rooms may be noisy.

Social Media control

You can now quickly access the major Social Media websites from one place. When you are logged into GuestMaster, just click F10 from any screen,to see the Social Media screen.

Resource Note Timeblock

You can now add an orange timeblock to the Reservation Dairy with a few notes in it. This is useful, for example, to indicate where a booking should go.

What's new in Version 19.3

New reports added

Two new reports have been added. The are new reports for "Analysis - Bookings Type of Booking with Totals" and "Sales - Invoices not printed".

Enhanced SMTP outgoing Email settings

The Custom SMTP settings have been enhanced to allow a different Email "from address" to the "Username address". This is required by some Email providers to enhance security.

What's new in Version 19.2

Inherited Rate Discount

On the Rate Names screen, this allows you to give a percentage that the new inherited rate name should use. So if the new inherited Rate Name should have 80% of the price of the original Rate Name price, then type in 80.00 in this field. Thus you can link, adjust and reuse prices already in the Rate Values screen, and you do not have to re type or update prices.

SMTP Setting Screen diagnostics

This is the screen where you can type in your Outgoing Email settings. This screen now includes diagnostics so when you click the Sent Test Message. So if the mail fails to send, technical information will be displayed to help you to identify the problem.

Dynamic Online Secure Backup

The Online Secure backup has been enhanced to so that if it will not miss any backups that were due when the PC was turned off. Using GuestMaster's advanced background Service technology, any missing backups will be made when the PC is restarted and you will be able to work normally whilst the backups are being made.

What's new in Version 19.1

Enhanced SMTP (Outgoing Email) Settings screen

The SMTP Settings screen has been enhanced and a diagnostics panel has been added. When you click the Send Test Message button and the panel will give you the responses from your SMTP server so you can identify any problems you have.

Rate Names Inherits from

If you want a new Rate Name that has exactly the same prices as another Rate Name you can use this feature and thus you don't have to type in all the prices again, yet you can change some of the the settings as well. This is especially useful when you use the GDS module to to create a new Rate Name that has identical prices to another Rate Name.

Special Offers Names

When you create a Special Offer in the Reservation Diary, the name you type, for example, "Rugby Special", will be remembered for that session. So you can very easily create another Special Offer in another different room and reuse the same name, saving you time.

What's new in Version 19.0

Compatible with Windows 10 (64 bit only)- All Editions

GuestMaster is now compatible with Windows 10 - 64 bit only, which eliminates the needs for older 32 bit versions of Windows and gives faster program start up and screen access and overall speed improvements.

Now uses SQL Server file format - All Editions

GuestMaster now uses Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016 - 64 bit database file format for much greater flexibility and stability. SQL Server Express is included in GuestMaster and does not have to be installed separately.

Advanced Heuristic Technology - All Editions

The GuestMaster database engine has been completely rewritten from the ground up and now includes advanced heuristic technology that allows GuestMaster to learn how you like to work. For example, GuestMaster will store statistics on the records you often use, and make them available quickly when you need them. So, as you use GuestMaster you will see it getting faster the next time you visited the same screen or records you used a few moments ago.

Massive Speed improvements - All Editions

SQL Server Express, is provided and this gives massive speed improvements in some areas such as graphs, indeed some areas of GuestMaster is now up to 12 times faster.

Still more speed available- All Editions

If you want still more speed when, for example, you have lots of PC's with GuestMaster, then you can purchase an upgrade to the SQL Server Standard edition or even higher.

Office area redesigned - All Editions

The Office area has been redesigned and the Layout Editor has been moved to a the Lookup tables page in the Setup area, as it was seldom used.

Database paths easier to setup - All Editions

When you setup a network module on a second PC, all you need to do is to type in the name of the PC with the database on it, and GuestMaster will automatically find all the GuestMaster databases.

Report Queue- All Editions

You can now queue a report to be process at repeating intervals. This is useful to have your reports prepared for you once a day as a specific time so you don't have to wait for them to process on screen.

Minimum Duration- All Editions

The Minimum Duration timeblocks have been much enhanced so you can select different modes, to specify minimum duration through or from Arrival date only, or not allow arrivals.

Hundreds of minor minor improvements and updates - All Editions

For example, on the status bar at the very bottom right of GuestMaster, the name of the user currently logged on and the current Accounting Date are now shown.

Per Seat software activation - Enterprise Only

This means that a network module can be installed and used on any single PC at one time. So, you can move between PC's and instantly move GuestMaster with you. If for example, you had a Enterprise Edition and two Movable Network modules, you can have many PC's with GuestMaster on them as long as you use only two copies of GuestMaster at the same time.

Cloud located database option - Enterprise Only

GuestMaster can now have it's database in the Cloud. This means that the database can be held in the Cloud and GuestMaster can be used from any Windows 10 - 64 but PC, anywhere there is a fast connection to the Internet. Please note using a Cloud databases are much slower because it uses the Internet (usually 5 timers slower), than using a database from a local PC.

What's new in Version 18.6

Customer File Export facilty

You can now export all your customers into a .csv file that can be read by most programs. This allows you to use a external program for printing or emailing all your customers if you don't have the GuestMaster Enterprise edition with it great Mail Merge feature.

What's new in Version 18.1

Reservation Diary Quick Filter

Reservation Diary can now have the Quick Filter command button not shown so that the timeblock text appears larger.


Emails can now go out on a different SMTP port to help where a router is blocking the SMTP port.

What's new in Version 18.0

New Database Engine

Entirely new database connection engine, that increases GuestMaster stability on PC systems with intermittent networking connection problems. The new Database Connection Engine technology uses a normally closed database technique which keeps the database closed most of the time, and thus helps to prevent minor database corruptions caused by temporary network connection loss. This new database connection technology prepares the way for much greater database location possibilities in the future.

New Clean Screen look to the Reservation Diary.

A tab panel at the top of the screen makes finding the features easier, and allow the Timeblocks to remain large and easy to read whilst options are being selected.

Database Messages

The messages that pop- up on the screen are now in their own special area A flashing envelope icon will display in the bottom right corner on the GuestMaster status bar, with a small reminder balloon to tell you when you have a new message.

Double clicking the Reservation Diary

Time Line Heading, bring up a Mini Calendar which allows you to quick move to a different date in the Reservation Diary.

Reservation Diary Time line sliding

Time line sliding feature has been provided, so you can grab the heading of the Reservation Diary and drag the dates left or right to slide the time line into the future or the past.

Enhanced Email editor

Email editor now displays the HTML code in colour so that it is easier to read.

Grid sorting

Information grids like the Groups - Bookings screen and Customers - Booking screen, have both been enhanced. So, if you want to see the list of records in a different order, e.g. in Arrival date order, you just need to click on the column heading and the records in the grid will be sorted into that order.

Enhanced Mail merge Format document editor

Mail Merge Format Document editor has been redesigned to use full HTML editing. This makes it easier to create and format the letter to be used in the mail merge.

Group Reservations Daily Update

You can now you can decide at the time of making a Group reservation if you wish to have the members of the group booking have Daily Update or No Daily update on their bookings.