Optional Modules

Internet Module (included in the support package)

Allows live reservations to be taken directly from your own Website. You can also easily up-sell items and allow the guest to purchase items like flowers in the rooms, theatre tickets, etc. when they make their reservation.

Network Module (optional)

Allows GuestMaster to be installed on separate PCs, and to use a PC or Cloud based database.

EPOS Module (optional)

Links EPOS tills (e.g. in the Bar or Restaurant) for invoicing and analysis.

Phone Module Professional (optional)

Allows customer's phone calls to be put directly onto invoices. Includes comprehensive usage reporting and analysis.

UK Postcode Module (optional)

Instantly returns detailed customer addresses from their postcodes.

Guest Delivery System (optional)

Full Global Distribution System and Online Travel agents 2 way integration (additional costs apply).

INET Chain Link (optional)

For linking internet module websites into a chain of hotels.