Internet Reservations

Internet Overview

The Internet Module

This totally automated and easily configurable module runs on your PC, collects bookings and keeps the web site updated with your latest availability.
All you need is Internet Broadband access and you will have a near real time online reservation system on your own website in a few minutes.

The Internet Reservations Website

The secure Internet Reservations web site is what the customer sees, and allows them to check availability and make bookings. You simply place a special hyper link to the GuestMaster Internet Reservations web site from your own Web Site, and / or include the link on Emails etc. For the technically minded the hyper link will look like the one shown below, so it is easy to put this on to your existing web site.
Where the GM999999 is the serial number of your copy of the Internet module.

Confirmation Emails

When the booking is complete, the customer will automatically receive an Email like the one shown below. With all the automatic emails sent, the text can be easily configured by you to suit your needs. You can also attach a document to the Emails that gives a full explanation of your terms and conditions and a map of how to get to you.

The Old Mill Hotel GuestMaster Internet Reservations Booking for Mr George Jackson
our booking is CONFIRMED
We confirm your reservation detailed below...
Mr George Jackson
4 Gordon Road
Warfield Green
Phone: 01123 2703245
Room Ensuite - Double Adult(s): 1
From 08 August 2016 to 11 August 2016 for 3 Day(s) - Tariff £205.00
The Old Mill Hotel Booking Reference: 174219
This reservation is now confirmed directly with us The Old Mil Hotel and is subject to our normal terms and conditions. We also attach our confirmation document with our terms and conditions, and directions on how to find us.

Internet Reservations - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of using the Internet Module?

There is no extra cost to use the Internet module it is included in the price of GuestMaster, and you can have unlimited number of bookings through the system. You do need to have a current "One Year's Upgrades" support package for the main GuestMaster program to be able to use the Internet module service. This ensures that we can keep you up to date as the service develops and new features become available.

Do I have to confirm to a customer a booking received from the internet module?

No, when the booking is complete, the customer will automatically receive an Email. With all the automatic emails sent, the text can be easily changed by yourself to suit your needs. You can also attach a document to the Emails that give a full explanation of your terms and conditions and a map of how to get to you.

What happens if the room is no longer available when I actually receive the booking?

If the room is no longer available by the time you receive the booking, the customer will automatically receive a non confirmation Email. The email will ask them to return to the web site and try again, the text of the email can be easily configured by you to suit your needs.

Does the PC have to be powered on to take a booking on the Web Site?

No, the web site will still continue to take bookings even if your PC is turned off. However, your PC has to be on to be able to collect and confirm the bookings. So, we recommend that the PC is left on all the time and allowed to log in to the web site to collect bookings and update the diary whenever it wishes. This means that you can reduce your staffing cost, especially at night, and go and play Golf all day and still be taking bookings and sending emailed written confirmations to the customers!

Can take real time bookings?

Yes, well nearly yes. Real Time bookings require that you are connected to the Internet permanently like for example with an ADSL Broadband phone line. With a Broadband line the Internet module will check for new bookings every few minutes.

The internet is notoriously unreliable for establishing connections, how does the GuestMaster Internet module cope?

The GuestMaster Internet module is very intelligent and will automatically schedule retries if a connection is lost at any time.

How far into the future can I take reservations?

The GuestMaster Internet module can accept reservations up to 1 years in advance.

How can I afford to give an incentive to my customers to get them to use my web site?

We don't charge you a fee for each booking, so you don't have to pay each time a customer uses the service. Thus you could offer discounts to your customers to use your web site to take bookings, and still make money. By encouraging your customers to use your web site, you would also reduce your staffing costs handling phone calls, and be able to take bookings in the middle of the night!

What happens if a customer needs to cancel a booking?

The customer can either contact you directly or go to the Web Site and cancel the booking. Either way, you will automatically be credited for the booking. The cancellation must be made before the arrival time of the booking, which is normally 12:00 midday in GuestMaster to be eligible for a credit. A cancellation email is automatically sent to the customer giving them the cancellation booking reference number.

Can we use our normal cancellation policy of not allowing cancellations 48 hours before arrival?

You can have a cancellation period of any period you wish before the booking. For example you could require 96 hours notice if you wished. The cancellation period is in hours.

Guest Delivery System - Online Travel Agents

How it works

We call it our "Guest Delivery System", as it does what is says on the tin. Simply put, it delivers paying guests directly to you, to stay at your hotel via a 2 way integration with Sabre. This is a great service that will allow you to receive real-time guest reservations from a vast quantity of Travel Agents and Online Travel Agent websites around the world. Once the service has been setup by our expert technicians with some guidance from you, there is nothing else to do, ever. Now you can sit back and relax in the reassurance that within a few minutes your availability will be shown around the world on hundreds of public and company only Online Travel Agents websites like Expedia, Laterooms, Travelocity etc., and to over 650,000 Travel Agents around the world. Additional costs apply. Even after you have set your basic prices in GuestMaster's tariff control system, at any time you can override your prices for the room type and dates you want on GuestMaster reservation diary very easily by using GuestMaster's Special Offers feature. Within just a few minutes the new prices will be automatically uploaded to all the agents. Thus as time grows short, you can very quickly reduce your prices to attract guests to make a reservation. When a GDS reservation comes through, it will automatically appear on the GuestMaster Reservation Diary, and you will see a confirmed reservation complete with the guest name, address and credit card details as available. Job done!

What you need to know

Like most things in life, there are a few rules and details you should know before you can take advantage of this service. There is a one off setup fee which includes the extra software module needed, and all the online and GDS service configuration costs. There is also an Annual support cost in the second and subsequent years. Please see the Price Guide on this web site for details. Additional costs apply. You buy everything from GuestMaster, and we will arrange everything for you. After payment, Navarino Services will contact you directly to get your property details on to their system first, once they have completed this you then contact GuestMaster to get the last bits finished. We of course cannot guarantee that you will receive reservations when you want them. After you have paid the one off setup fee, we work with you on a simple No Sale, No fee basis for the actual bookings you receive. Of course worldwide advertising is not free, and the travel agents and travel website would like to be paid. Total costs will normally be between approximately 15% to 25% of the booking value, with a monthly fee of a €85. Not all websites would display your availability as they may be specific to certain types of hotels, for example, websites that only have hotels in specific areas of the world. The system of course uses secure connections to deliver the reservations details to you, and all credit card details are encrypted when stored in the GuestMaster database. If you wish to integrate with Online Travel Agents, like and, etc., you will need to contact them to setup up an account first, then we can have your account transferred to our GDS system. If you wish to integrate with, it is important that you ask them to disable the "Auto Replenishment" feature. It can take many weeks for us to get through the complex paperwork at our end, so please allow 2 months to get the system up and running. In the first year, we of course waive the support fee because of these known delays. Lastly, there are some operation limitations that the GDS has, like Minimum Durations timeblocks will apply to all rooms of the same type. So ask GuestMaster if you need clarification on any details you are unsure of.

Where the reservations come from

Here are just a few of the well known websites that use our service:,, Expedia Quick Connect,, and many more! When we say over 650,000 Travel Agents, this number can of course vary over time, but have been steadily increasing over the years. For example, all the IATA Agents can use their GDS booking tools to make their bookings with your property. If you would like details on who is using our service, please contact us for an up-to-date list.

The costs

There is a monthly cost of €85.00 from Navarino Services for Integrating into the central reservation system. Bookings from the Channel Management integration (website like,,,, etc.) have no additional fees on top of the usual fees you would pay the website themselves, (usually about 15%). Bookings from the GDS/IDS e.g. the 650,000 IATA Travel Agents have additional fees

  • Booking fee of 6%
  • €6.50 GDS/IDS system fee per booking (not per night).
  • A minimum fee of €10.00.
  • Additional fees from Travel Agents may also apply and usually around 8% to 10%.
  • € = Euros, £ = Pounds Sterling

You can adjust how much you are willing to pay to the agents as this affects how high up you appear on the search engine results. So you can see why we have to say all this will cost approximately 15% to 25% per bookings from everywhere. You will be charged via an invoice from Navarino Services for the previous months departures which you have approved. The costs will be based in Euros, and invoiced to you in British pounds. When you are ready to go ahead, just give GuestMaster a call.