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GuestMaster History

GuestMaster International Ltd is very proud to be a wholly owned British company and world leader in its field.

Originally called Performance Technologies Ltd, was founded at the dawn of personal computers way back in 1987.

Version 1.0 of GuestMaster Reservation Software was developed and released in 1991 and became the worlds first truly Windows based reservation software. Indeed having never been written for DOS, it had no baggage to support and started off strongly in the right direction.

The absolutely brilliant GuestMaster original design of the reservation diary with its full drag and drop bookings on a Gantt type chart has changed very little in all these years. The design has been plagiarised many times over the years in other systems, but as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Originally developed using Dbase data structure it migrated to Microsoft Access database structure in 1993.

In 1995 it became a 32bit program and started to become very successful throughout the world.

Adding integration with external systems like Phone Systems, EPOS Tills, multiple PC's it maintained its lead as perfectly crafted reservation software.

Now with full 2 way integration with external websites, like Expedia.com and hundreds of other sites, it has opened up even greater possibilities for hotels to become even more successful through the use of well designed reservation software.

Converting the database to use SQL Sever Express in 2016, allowed us to provide a brilliant system that can have a database that is Cloud based or PC based. Using the auto backup technology, the hotel can switch between the two locations whenever needed.

The company went from strength to strength over the last 3 decades to where it is today with over 1,000 hotels having GuestMaster installed in their property.

Privacy Policy

GuestMaster’s websites do use cookies for page flow and statistics. If you make a reservation with a hotel or other company via our website we will pass your details to them. We do not pass your details to any other third-party companies.

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