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Want your feet on the ground and head in the clouds?
With GuestMaster 19 Enterprise edition, you can choose if you want the database to be on your own PC (much faster) or in the Cloud (use from a PC anywhere). You can move the database as often as you like.  So, when the Internet goes down, you simply restore the last hours backup and be up and working on your PC in minutes.

GuestMaster 25th anniversary!
Celebrations begin with the launch of GuestMaster 19.  Watch for big special offers for new and existing customers coming soon.
GuestMaster 19 brings massive speed improvements with a brand new database engine.  A new era of Windows 10 (x64) only compatibility brings enhanced stability and heuristic technology.  Movable Nework Addon modues and Cloud based databases are now available in the Enterprise Edition.

GDS module - Channel Connect provides full 2-way Integration with virtually all major online travel agents like, Expedia, etc.

EPOS module - Provides 2-way integration with many different EPOS till makers.


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About Us

The first version of GuestMaster was developed and released in 1991 and we believe that made it the worlds first truly Windows based Reservation Software

The absolutely brilliantly easy GuestMaster original design of a pre allocation reservation diary with its full drag and drop bookings on a Gantt type chart has needed to be changed very little in nearly 25 years.

GuestMaster International GuestMaster International Ltd is very proud to be a wholly owned British company and world leader in its field.




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