Download GuestMaster

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Please click on the "Click here to download" button above and you can download a FREE evaluation copy of GuestMaster to trial for 30 days. All the editions and modules are together in the one file. After you have evaluated it you can purchase a licence directly from us and simply continue using the database you have setup while using the evaluation.

GuestMaster's only software requirement is Windows 10 - 64bit. We do recommend a fast PC with 8Gb RAM and a SSD hard drive for the best software experience

Installation Tips

Step 1:-

If SQL Server Express fails to install, there are probably Windows Updates waiting to be installed. So do a Windows Update by clicking on the Windows Start button then clicking on Settings, then on Update and Security, then on Check for Updates. Finally restart your PC and try installing GuestMaster again.

Step 2:-

After installation, if GuestMaster gives an error when accessing the database, it is probably because SQL Server Express failed to install correctly. This problem is usually due to a third party Anti-Virus being installed.

So, disable or uninstall the Anti-Virus program, then you can uninstall "Microsoft SQL Server 2016" from Windows, and reinstall GuestMaster again. Finally you can reinstall your Anti-Virus, but we do recommend that you simply use Microsoft Defender that is built into Windows 10 as it does not have these types of problems.

You are, of course, welcome to call us directly for any help you need. Then with your permission, we will connect to your PC and install GuestMaster for you.