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Feature Guide

Start Screen

Start Screen

A market leader for over 26 years, first released in 1991, with over 1,000 hotels with 3 to 2,500 bedrooms

The GuestMaster Database can be Cloud or PC based. So you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Per Seat software activation - This means that a cost optional network module can be installed and used on any single PC at one time.  So, you can move between PC's and instantly move the GuestMaster licence with you.

Full 2 way integration with SABRE system for channel connect to websites like and Expedia etc.

Industry standard database (SQL Server) and Backup (Zip) file formats


Backup program with Hourly Backups feature.  So if your internet goes down, and you can not reach your Cloud database,  you can restore a backup on your own PC that was taken within the last hour.

Multiple Windows users log on, so you can log on as a different user in Windows and still use GuestMaster. Used for example, when you have a Windows Server which is a Domain Controller

Password Control with 4 levels of user, including Read Only

Bookings warnings printing for early / late arrivals

Advanced, fully automatic Tariff Control for seasonal tariff rates with layered tariffs conflict yield management

Username Password

Log in Screen

Main Diary

Main Diary

Quick Availability Check from the Main Calendar with auto free space selection

Invoice and Letter Layout Designer with free format text and graphics

Group Bookings control with repeating bookings and whole group moving and editing

Resource Maintenance to keep a record of maintenance requirements like a "jammed window"

Customer and Group name and address records de-duplication


Graphical Reservation Diary with Drag and Drop control, Auto Zoom and Dairy Printing

Infinite timescale for bookings from minutes to years

Minimum Duration Timeblock feature allows you to drop a timeblock to indicate that you would only accept a booking with a minimum duration of, for example, 2 days

Advanced resource optimisation for maximum use of company facilities

Resource Type Groups for rooms in different buildings etc.

Special offers to temporarily override the Tariff Control feature for easy Special Offer pricing

Reservation Diary

Reservation Diary

Booking Details

Booking Details

Bookings can be linked to a Group at any time with Group and Customer allocated discount

Linked bookings for follow on, and split reservations

Mandatory Fields in the Booking Details screen can be enforced

Optional Postcode module to instantly get the UK address from postcode, with detail down to the actual building

All customer history kept until archived with advanced archive feature


Quick emailing with editable standard templates and attachments

Advanced Email queueing

Include Calendar file on email, to provide guest with a reminder of their booking in their Microsoft Outlook calendar

Auto send standard emails, when bookings confirm, check out, etc.

Large, easy to read text on all screens

Email Screen

Email Screen

Invoice Screen

Invoice Screen

Cost Option for EPOS Tills in the Bar/Restaurants integration

Cost Option for Phone Systems for call logging integration

Four Invoices per Booking with folder naming

Virtually all international currency, tax and date time formats supported

Invoice Only Bookings for invoice creation without a booking


Cost Code Categories for expense accounts

Invoice Item Transfer between invoice folders, different invoices, and Group's own invoice

Packages control with nominated discount and Adult / Child control

Auto Transfer members invoices to the Group invoice


Invoice Item

Invoice Item

Invoice Payment

Invoice Payment

Group Statements and Payment facility

Multi Currency Payments

Design your own invoice packages, e.g. Wedding packages, dinner, bed & breakfast




Summary screen with occupancy and availability percentages

Summary screen Printing and Previewing

Multiple Print of Letters or Invoices



Summary Screen

Summary Screen



Address label printing and previewing with zoom

Full accounting date control

Non Working Periods for Lunch times etc.

Resource Tariff Daily Update for end of accounting day

Free software updates and new versions included in upgrades package


Multiple 3D Graphs with Printing and Previewing

Graphs for Receipts, Invoices, Occupancy and Revenue

21 different Graph Types and many optional graphing features





Audit Log

Audit Log

Audit logging of all user actions

Full Audit Log search facilities

Fast Switching between up to 12 different company Databases




59 different Management Reports with Printing and Previewing with Drill Down and Export facilities

Housekeeping control reports with 3 status modes

Favourite Reports tab

Reports Task Queue for background processing of complex reports


Report Selector

Report Selector

Report Viewer

Report Viewer

Invoice Printing and Previewing with user designed layouts

Booking Details user field naming and reporting with totals

Statement printing for Group Invoices

Invoice Export and Emailing features



Quick access to social media

Cost Option Guest Delivery System integrating with SABRE Online Travel Agents and Channel Connect, e.g. Expedia etc.

Cost Option Linking a chain of hotels Internet Module websites 

Free Option Internet module for taking reservations from your own company website

Easy control of database messages

Website Availbility

Website Availbility

Website Rooms

Website Rooms

Close rooms to Internet bookings, when needed

If a set of prices are identical to another set and only the name some options are different, you can use the Inherited Rates feature to allow you to type one set and have the second set inherit the prices from the first set.

Dynamic Tariff Feature - This allows tariff prices to adjust automatically up or down, as the arrival date for the availability gets closer. Thus changing prices depending on availability as time get short to sell the room

Long stay UK Tax Rules for apartment or long stay guest houses



Booking Itinerary for Conference and functions also for up selling from your own website flowers in bedrooms, chocolates etc.

Conference Booking Itinerary selection, printing and reports

Adult, Child A, Child B, Child C naming with enable feature

Decline bookings, this is used to mark the customer record of those customers that you do not wish to receive bookings from again


Website Itinerary

Website Itinerary

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